Privacy Policy

  • Welcome to the Website. In order to allow you to safely use the services and information on the Website, we hereby explain the Website's Privacy Policy to protect your interests and rights. Please read the following statement carefully:
  • 1.Scope of Privacy Policy
    The Privacy Policy contains a statement about how the Website will process your personal identification data collected when you are using the service on the Website.
    The Privacy Policy is not applicable to any linked sites other than the Website or the staff other than those commissioned by the Website or involved in the management of the Website.
  • 2.Collection and utilization of data
    In order to provide you with the optimal interactive service on the Website, we might ask you to provide your personal data, including:
    The Website will reserve your name, email address, contact information and time of login when you are using such as interactive function as service mail box and questionnaire.
    When you are surfing the net, the server will record the relevant activities voluntarily, including the IP address, time of login, applied browser, browsing and selected data and logs on the equipment you utilized to log in for our reference to enhance the services on the Website. The logs will be applied internally and never be disclosed publicly.
    In order to provide the services accurately, we will generate statistics for and analyze the contents of the questionnaire as collected. The analyzed result will be presented in the form of statistic figures or written language, which will be researched internally, and will be disclosed by us subject to the circumstances, provided that no specific personal data will be involved.
    Unless with your consent or otherwise provided in laws, the Website will never disclose your personal data to any third party or use it for any purposes other than the purpose of collection.
  • 3.Protection of Data
    The Website host is equipped with the relevant information security equipment and necessary security protective action as firewall and anti-virus system to protect the Website and your personal data.
    The Website applies strict protective actions and only the staff with authorization may access your personal data. All of the relevant staff have signed a non-disclosure agreement, and any one in violation of the non-disclosure agreement will be disciplined pursuant to laws.
    If it is necessary to commission our relevant units to provide services to meet the need for business, the Website will also ask them to comply with the non-disclosure obligation strictly and take the necessary actions to ensure the compliance.
  • 4.Links
    The Website also provides the links to other websites. You may enter other websites through the links provided by the Website. However, the Website’s Privacy Policy does not apply to the linked websites and, therefore, you shall refer to the privacy policies of those websites.
  • 5.Cookie
    In order to provide you with optimal services, the Website will input our Cookie into your computer. If you are unwilling to accept the Cookie, you may set the privacy level as “high” in the function of the browser you used to reject the write-in of Cookie; however, it might cause some functions of the Website not to be executed normally.
  • 6.Amendments to Privacy Policy
    The Privacy Policy will be amended from time to time to meet the need. The amended clauses will be posted on the Website.