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“Yunlin Education and Nursing Institution” was founded by Taiwan Province Government in 1948 in Tainan City, and its original name was “Nursing and Education Station for Women.” At that time, the station sheltered poor females who lived alone or females who were old and sick, disabled, homeless, private prostitutes or maltreated. At the station, those females were taught special techniques. In response to rapid social change, its organizational structure and responsibilities have been adjusted for several times. In 1970, the station was relocated to Dounan Township, Yunlin County and it had been renamed as “Nursing, Education and Vocational Training Station for Women.” Then, it has been renamed as “The Center of Vocational Training for Women in Yunlin” in 1983.

The center was responsible for accepting, sheltering, rectifying and taking care of female juveniles as per Youth Welfare Act came into effect in 1989, which has been amended as Child and Juvenile Welfare Act. In May 1991, The center was promoted to an institute level and was named as “Yunlin Education and Nursing Institute,” and is in charge of sheltering female adults with intellectual disability.

When “Preventive Regulations on Children and Teenager Prostitution” came into effect in August, 1995, the institution acted for sheltering female juveniles under that act. In September 1997, the institution established a middle way school sponsored by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education under this act.

In July 1999, the institution was subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and had been renamed as “Yunlin Education and Nursing Institute under Ministry of the Interior.”
In July 23, 2013, the Institution was subordinated to Ministry of Health and Welfare.